Webcast Impact Makes It Easy
to Experience the Power of Video
in Email and Social Media

Our easy to use online application
delivers compelling video messaging
via email to any mobile device.

Video Info   

The Webcast Impact platform incorporates professional videos and custom programming to deliver compelling messages by Email to your customers and clients.

When someone is interested in your product or service, they simply click on the "Tell Me More" button and you'll receive an instant text on your mobile device containing the person's name and information.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become incredible tools for marketing products and services. In order to better facilitate your use of webcast messaging, we offer easy postings on the most popular sites.

Track messages by webcast, contact or date; and no matter how you choose to track your webcast messages, you can find out if and when the email was opened, and how many times it was viewed.

Webcast Impact makes it easy for any business to experience
the power of video through email and social media platforms.

  • Introduce New Products and Offerings to Current Customers
  • Announce Sales and Special Offers
  • Follow-up Sales with Instructional Videos and Announcements
  • Keep Employees Informed on Sales Efforts and Organization Updates
  • Recruit New Personell With Company Culture Based Messeges
  • Personalized Holiday Greetings
  • Deliver Investor Relations Updates
  • Creative e-Newsletters with Informative Videos
  • Promote Seminars, Events and Webcasts

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